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Guest Testimonials

Southlands is such a great place for my friends and I to hang out! We love all the stores and the theater. Main Street reminds me of a small town with little shops and cafes. That's what I love the most!
Ashley R., Aurora, Colo

Southlands is great and has much to offer!!
V. Hunter, Aurora, Colo

I work at one of the Southlands stores and I drive through the Center 3 or 4 times a week just to absorb the atmosphere. It is like a lovely small town.
S.G., Aurora, Colo

Our family loves Southlands! We have been there several times since it has been open and we have very much enjoyed the shops, restaurants, and theater.
Jerry Murch, Aurora, Colo

I think the Southlands is a really nice place.
Chad Callan, Aurora, Colo

My 3 1/2 year old son really liked the holiday display, the ice skating rink and seeing a lot of friends.
Andrew Ehrnstein, Centennial, Colo

We really appreciate such a beautiful Main Street in this area.
DeeAnna Soicher and the entire Soicher Family, Aurora, Colo

I shop at the Southlands Mall as often as possible. Thanks for the excellent selection that is there now.
Roanne Biswurm, Byers, Colo

Excellent!! I really appreciate your effort. Keep it up.
livsiq, Colo

I just love that fire in the center of the mall its the only reason I come over there..its a cute place of course!
F. Man, Centennial, Colo

I love it
Nalani, Colo

As a parent of 2 teenagers, I know how much they enjoy the weekends at Southlands spending the fruits of my labor. I must say, Southlands is absolutely beautiful with a nice mix of retail stores and restaurants geared toward a wide variety of demographics.
L. Swanson, Aurora, Colo

The security service was really impressive.
Josh B. Livit, Parker,Colo

Southlands is totally terrific. I am extremely fascinated with the fountains, clock tower chimes, stores and security.
H. Pylori, Aurora,Colo

I am very proud to be a part of the community that supports a charming shopping district as Southlands.
Dana Cawthon, Centennial, Colo

I love Southlands so much that I go there every weekend.
Chelsea, Aurora, Colo

I am new to the state of Colorado and I enjoy Southland because it has most of the stores I used to shop at in Seattle, Washington.
Darlene Britt, Bennett, Colo

My friends and I can just go shop, and shop some more what awesome scenery!
Tia, Parker, Colo

What a fun place to be. The fountains in front of the theaters are a great place for kids. The shopping is great and so are the restaurants. I recently took my sisters, who live in Westminster and Denver, and they were amazed at all there was to see and do. We go there at least 2-3 times per week.
Kim, Aurora, Colo

It is a great place to shop and eat
Valerie, Aurora,Colo

My husband, all of our friends and family who live in the Aurora/Centennial area were very excited when we found out there would be an outdoor mall near us! We all LOVE Southlands and everything it has to offer...now we don't have to drive to Downtown Denver or to Park Meadows to enjoy nice restaurants. We really enjoy walking along Main Street and had a grand time during the Holidays with the Norman Rockwell exhibits, the ice skating rink, and of course, the wonderful carolers! Kudos to all who made this possible!
P. Allen, Aurora, Colo

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! We were long overdue for all of the wonderful stores in Southlands! It is so nice that the SE part of Aurora now has a place to call their own!
Tanya S., Aurora, Colorado

The landscaping at Southlands is absolutely beautiful. I appreciate the landscape design company so much. I easily get absorbed in the beauty of the flowers and fountains. I believe the landscaping is a major factor in why Southlands is so inviting. You just want to take your time and enjoy the scenery. The outdoor fireplace set up for the winter time is a genius idea. Wonderful place! Great choice of shops and restaurants.
Lisa S., Denver, CO

Southlands is great my sister and our friends love to come and hang out and shop there!!!! It's a great place to shop and hang out! Great for family's also! Thanks for all the fun times and more to come!
Nikki, Cenntenial

We moved to England in Feb. from Aurora...I can tell you I miss the convenience of Southlands. The country is beautiful here but I love to shop and can't wait to get home to Colorado and Southlands.
D. Newland, Harrogate, England

I have to tell you I adore the Southlands Shopping Center more than I can say, my family and I couldn't wait for it to open. As the new stores opened we went more and more, my family is there almost every weekend we have gone Ice skating, shopping, to see movies, get hair cuts, have lunch or dinner regularly. There is just so much to do there, I truly love it!
Anna, Aurora, Colo

We had a great time at Southlands this weekend. Thank you for all the special events and entertainment. It is really a nice place.
Susan L., Centennial, Colo

Everytime we go there is something new! Love it!
M.C., Aurora, Colo

I just love Southlands. They have everything you need and watching the kids play in the water fountain just makes the place come to life.
Janet Kennedy, Centennial, Colo

As soon as I saw Southlands Shopping Center under development, I called it my future playground. Little did I know, I'd be working there!
Sheila, Aurora, Colo

I am not a Mall person, but once Southlands was built, my family I spend a lot of time there. The atmosphere is so nice and my son loves the water fountain in the summer time. It is a great place to just walk around and enjoy your surroundings especially during Christmas.
Charla, Aurora, Colo

Southlands is an amazing anchor for southeast Aurora! The stores are the best around and the laid-back yet beautiful environment is second to none. Southlands isn't just a place to shop, it's an integrated part of our community! I recommend it every chance I get! Krista Ingram Realtor and Southeast Aurora Resident
Krista Ingram, Aurora/CO

Love it....it's has a small town feel
Jenny, Parker, CO

Me and my family just LOVE Southlands. We took our daughter here for her first Halloween. It was an amazing experiance. She had so much fun and all of the people are amazing. Just the greatest 'small town' experiance!
Tara Canutt, Denver, CO


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